I feel like an outsider

Last week I made a realisation that I still feel like an outsider at my new dance school, even though this is the third year I dance there and the second year I have my own group to teach. I feel like I can’t connect with the other students and teachers, and they only talk to me when there is nobody else around. They have their own friends already, and even though they wouldn’t have known each other before they started dancing, they have much more in common with our other students. At least to my knowledge, there really isn’t anybody else who has moved here from out of town, so even though they might not all know each other before they start dancing, they have been in same schools and have grown up in the same city so they have that in common to talk about. I can’t really take part in those conversations and if I try to tell about my similar experiences, it’s not really that interesting to them, because they don’t know the people or places I’m talking about.

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Dreaming about my dream job

I didn’t really had any idea what to write about today, so I started to read my old posts to maybe get some ideas from those. I found this one post about my dream job from about 18 months ago, and realised that this same thing has been on my mind recently.

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Thoughts about comments in newsarticles

I have this one habit, where I go to read online newspapers and try to find the articles with nastiest and most hateful comments and then read those. I don’t even know why I do this, because in most cases I don’t agree with the commenters and reading the comments just makes me sad. Sometimes I’m not even that interested in the article itself, though usually I am, because I’ve noticed that stories with people telling about their strucles in life. The nasty commnets in these articles usually are about how the situation is the fault of the people interviewed, and therefore they shouldn’t complain about it on the newspapers. And recently I’ve been wondering, is it really so?

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My dream job

For a while now, I have been thinking, what kind of work I would like to do. To be honest, I have quite a clear picture of what kind of job I would like to have, but I have no idea how to get a job like that.

I’m not saying that I’m unhappy with my current job, but it’s not something I want to do for the rest of my life. I have a decent salary, which allows me to live quite comfortably, but it also often leaves me frustrated and stressed, and I’m not really that interested in the field I’m working in.

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Reflecting year 2016

In 2016 I graduated, found a job and had my first serious crush. And yet, I think it wasn’t a very good year…

I know, I might be a bit late with this particular post, but I have really wanted to write about this since the beginning of the year, but haven’t had time to do so before. So, I’m going to write a little bit about what the year 2016 was like for me. The reason why I wanted to write about this is that even though many seemingly good things happened to me, I actualy feel that 2016 wasn’t a good year for me and I wasn’t really that happy.

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