Managing my time

I introduce a few of my tips and tricks to be more productive and get things done.


I didn’t really have any proper idea for this post when I started writing. I had several small thoughts I thought I could write about, but I wasn’t sure if I would have enough to say about any of them to write a post long enough (I have set a challenge to myself to try to make these posts at least 750-1000 words long). Then I thought that I should probably write something a bit more positive this time, since my last post was quite sad one. So, I chose to write about my time management and scheduling, since I’m quite happy with how my day-to-day life is looking and how productive I’ve managed to be lately compared to this time last year. And I can’t even really say that I would have somehow fewer engagements than last year.

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I get stuck in routines

I don’t feel inspired to write at all, but I still want to write something today, because it’s been solong since I last wrote anything. Let’s see, what I’m able to come up with…

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