TMI: Talking about periods

Today’s blogpost is about my periods. I know that not everyone wants to talk about it, but now you’re warned, and you know to avoid this post if you so wish. I definitely would like to talk about this more with my friends, but since I feel like I can’t, I’m going to write about it here. Because this kind of topics are exactly why I started this blog in the first place.

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I can’t make new friends – there must be something wrog with me

I have told here before that I only have a handful of friends, and I’m fine with that. But the fact that I haven’t been able to make new friends since leaving high school, makes me worry that there might be something wrong with me. I don’t feel like I need more friends, but when I feel that people don’t even want to be my friend, it makes me a bit sad.

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About selfcare and time management

A post about self care, money and hobbies.

In this post I promised that I would write more about my bullet journal. I have realised though, that there is actually only one spread I’d like to write about. My bullet journal consists mainly of  monthly and weekly spreads, which are basic content of every bullet journal, and some spreads for plans I don’t want to share. So, this post is going to be about one spread I call ” Thoughts about time management in 2017″. It’s basically divided in two gategories.

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Reflecting year 2016

In 2016 I graduated, found a job and had my first serious crush. And yet, I think it wasn’t a very good year…

I know, I might be a bit late with this particular post, but I have really wanted to write about this since the beginning of the year, but haven’t had time to do so before. So, I’m going to write a little bit about what the year 2016 was like for me. The reason why I wanted to write about this is that even though many seemingly good things happened to me, I actualy feel that 2016 wasn’t a good year for me and I wasn’t really that happy.

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An Introduction

An introduction of the blogger and what this blog is going to be about.

Hello and welcome to my blog!

I’m a Finnish girl in my mid-twenties, living in Southern Finland. Last year I graduated from university and started my first job. (And by first job, I mean something other than an internship and more long-term than a summerjob.)

I have wanted to start writing a blog for quite a long time now. Actually I wrote a blog  for a while a few years back, but it was for school and ended when the course ended. Ever since then I have dreamt of starting a literary blog. This blog isn’t going to be that blog though…

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