Thoughts about comments in newsarticles

I have this one habit, where I go to read online newspapers and try to find the articles with nastiest and most hateful comments and then read those. I don’t even know why I do this, because in most cases I don’t agree with the commenters and reading the comments just makes me sad. Sometimes I’m not even that interested in the article itself, though usually I am, because I’ve noticed that stories with people telling about their strucles in life. The nasty commnets in these articles usually are about how the situation is the fault of the people interviewed, and therefore they shouldn’t complain about it on the newspapers. And recently I’ve been wondering, is it really so?

About lack of money

I feel that most often these stories are about money, or actually lack of it. Today I saw a Youtube video about an American girl who had had difficulties with paying her day-to-day expenses even when working full time. In Finnish newspapers I’ve read about sudents, unemployed people, families with children and people with part-time or minimum wage jobs telling about how they struckle to make the ends meet every month.

According to the comments these people are living above their means. They have unrealistic expectations about life and expect to get everything they want immediately. They are spoilt, because when the commenter was studying/rising a family/looking for a job there weren’t similar benefits as there are now, and they managed just fine without them.

I guess in a way these people are right. It is true that if you can’t buy everything what you need with your money, you need to cut some expenses. No one can argue with that. But how long can one live a life where everything is axed to the bare minimum?

These comments make me think that if these people who are commenting about the articles think, that if these people would only use money on the absolutely necessary items and still struckled with money, then they would have the right to “complain”. (I’m putting complain in quotes, because I don’t think that the people telling theri stories are always compaining.) But is it even possible to live so that you only buy what is absolutely necessary? I think that people are always buying something that some other person would think as unnecessary or luxury.

About finding a job

Maybe about a year ago there was a lot of arcitles in Finnish newspapers, about how young people has totally unrealistic view of the working life. They expect to get a permanent job with top salary right after school. Young people should be prepared to accept a few fixed-term jobs first, because even though they aren’t permanent jobs, young people will get valuable work experience from them. They should also be prepared to move to another city or area after jobs. Then later when they have gotten some work experience they will get these permanent jobs with higher salary.

This made me think, how long are we supposed to do these fixed-term jobs before we are allowed to expect to be able to settle down? So for example, I get a jobs for let’s say six, nine or twelve months, and move to a new city for that, but after that jobs ends, they can’t give me a new permanent or fixed-term contract. So I have to look for a new job, and maybe move to a new city again. And this happends again and again.

This might still be fine, but what happens if I started dating and find a partner? If I can’t find a new job around the same area as my old job, and my parner can’t find a new job in the area where I got a new job. Are we forced to break up or life forever in a long-distance relationship, if we can’t both find a job in roughly the same area?

About being over weight

I’m not sure if I’ve read negative comments about this yet, but I think I’ve become quite good at guessing what people could comments about. A few weeks ago a blogger/youtuber I follow wrote that she had gone to the doctor’s and they had told her that according to the BMI, she was over weight. Under that there were a lot of comments about how BMI is just total bullshit, and people shouldn’t believe in it. But I could so easily imagine someone commenting there, that they are just a bunch of over weight people denying the reality and trying to justify their unhealthy lifestyle.

Once, when my brother was in secondary school, the school nurse told him that according to the BMI he was over weight. I remember my mother very strenly telling him, that it wasn’t true, and I did agree with her. My brother wassporty and did wrestling, so he was muscular, and didn’t look over weight at all. And muscle weighs more than fat right? But I’m not an expert about this, so maybe I was wrong and he actually was over weight. There must be some reason BMI is still used, so it has to be at least somewhat right, right? What makes normal people think that they can contradict the doctors, who are experts about these things?


This post became exceptionally long. I’d love to hear your comments about this subject.

Thank you for reading!



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