A half-year check up

In the beginning of the year I wrote a post about my thoughts about what I would like to spend my time and money on this year. Now that about half of this year has passed, I’d like to reflect on how I’m doing so far on following those thougts.


  • Monthly goals to improve self care: in the end of last year and the beginning of this year I was strugling with taking care of myself properly. I slept too little and hardly ate anything or if I ate something, it was mainly junk food. So in order to motivate myself to learn new better habbits, I decided to set monthly goals to learn (or at least start to learn) one new good habbit every month. I think this started quite well (even though I still strugle to get enough sleep), but when summer started most of my new good habbits just went out of the window. I need to make an effort to get myself back in line at some point.
  • Get more confidence with money: this thing came mainly from the feeling of quilt I used to get every time I bought something even a bit more expensive and “unnecessary”. When I was a student and then unemployed I always felt that I should be saving as much money as possible, because my income was so small and I was always running out of money. I think I still felt like this in the beginning of this year, even though it wasn’t true anymore. I haven’t really paid any attention to this since winter, but I think the situation has improved, and I don’t feel so quilty anymore everytime I want to buy something.
  • Don’t skip skin care: This is going well, I don’t think that I have skipped my skin care routine  more than once or twice in these six months. And no matter what, I always take of my make up before bed.
  • Learn to do your hair and make up: I have bought two books about hair styles and make up, but I haven’t had time to read those yet. I try to put on make up more often, because practise makes perfect, right? This point still needs more attention in the next six months.


  • Practise dance: I had three dance lessons a week during the first half of the year: ballet, contemporary dance and show dance.
  • Do more strecthing: I started streching as one of my monthly goals, but haven’t done any streching since May.
  • Apply to study dance: I applied, but didn’t get in.
  • What else: At the moment I’m working on one dance project, which will finish next week. Also I might start giving dance lessons in September, but not sure about the details yet.

Books and movies

  • Read more books (read less fan fiction): Check! At this point I have read 14 books this year.
  • Go to the movies regurlarly: Check! I have been going to the movies at least once a month.
  • Follow interesting tv-shows: Yes, I’ve done that too, though I feel that there are more tv-shows I want to watch than I have time to watch. Luckily most of them are on Netflix, so it gives me a bit freedom to watch them when I have time.

Social media

  • Post something actively: Well, this depends… on Instagram I’m quite active, on Twitter and Facebook a bit less active, and this blog has been quite frankly neclected lately.
  • Create quidlines about what kind of content you want to publish on your social media accounts: I have thought about this, but I’d like to sit down some day and write my thoughts down. I’d like to have clear profiles about what I post on each of my social media accounts. On Instagram I already have a clear profile, but on my other accounts not so much…


  • Continue making cards: Check!
  • Start a bullet journal: Check! I feel that bullet journal might not be the best option for me, but at the moment I don’t have any better ideas, so it’ll have to do for now.
  • Start a planner: I haven’t had time yet to find the best planner for me, so this still need work. Though I’m currently using my bullet journal as a kind of a combination of planner and bullet journal.
  • Do more artjournal: Check! Cards are often more time sensitive than art journal, so I haven’t had as much time for this as I would have liked, but I have managed to do some art journal pages.

All in all, I feel that I’m doing quite well. And there is still time to catch up on those things I’m not doing so well.

Thank you for reading!



2 thoughts on “A half-year check up”

    1. Thank you for your comment!

      I’ve done ballet since I was six years old. It’s my favourite of all the dance styles I’ve tried.

      I also do contemporary dance and show dance. These three are my main dance styles I practice, but occasionally I try some other dance styles too.

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