I get stuck in routines

I don’t feel inspired to write at all, but I still want to write something today, because it’s been solong since I last wrote anything. Let’s see, what I’m able to come up with…

In general I like routines and predictability that they create. I work from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. on weekdays, and then in the evenings I might have some weekly tasks, such as cleaning and shopping or dance lessons. This creates the backbone of my weekly timetable and around these set tasks, I can schedule other things. Obviously I can’t have routine tasks scheduled for every evening, because that wouldn’t leave any room for anything else, like seeing friends or going to the movies.

Routines also make my life easier, because I have to think less. For example, I eat pretty much the same thing every morning and evening, so I don’t have to think what I need to buy when I’m doing grocery shopping. Routines also help me get more things done. If I don’t have anything “compulsory” to do on a given day, most likely I don’t really get anything done. But if I have some routine tasks and scheduled things to do, I dn’t usually even think if I want to do them or not, I just do them.

But this thinking less is also a bit dangerous in a way, because I can quite easily get stuck in my routines. After my dance lessons ended for the summer, it has become my new habit to watch tv shows from Netflix every evening. There are so many tv shows that I want to watch but I don’t have time in the winter,so now I want to watch them as much as possible.  But now I feel like it’s almost compulsory: I must watch them every evening, and I can’t do anything else. Also as I mentioned, I eat pretty much the same things every morning and every evening, but there are so many different things to try and taste, but I just don’t, because I’m stuck in my routines.

In conclusion, I must be careful not to create too strict routines for myself. I want to be able to be spontaneus and do all the things I want to, not just those that have maneged to become routines.

Not a very long post today, but I hope you like it!



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