TMI: Talking about periods

Today’s blogpost is about my periods. I know that not everyone wants to talk about it, but now you’re warned, and you know to avoid this post if you so wish. I definitely would like to talk about this more with my friends, but since I feel like I can’t, I’m going to write about it here. Because this kind of topics are exactly why I started this blog in the first place.

My cycle is a bit longish, and somewhat irregular, usually something between 35 to 50 days. For me it’s totally normal to even have two months between periods, and it usually happends once or twice a year. Once, a few years ago, I went three months without periods. I was starting to get a bit worried then (I was 100 % certain I couldn’t be pregnant), but before I had time to see a doctor about it, they started again. When I have periods, they last pretty consistently for five days.

I’m probably quite lucky with my periods, because I don’t have that many symptoms or pains relating to my periods. On the first day of the period I usually feel a bit bloated and have cramps, but nothing I would need painkillers for. During my periods I might also feel a bit gassy, but that’s about it. Though there might be some other symptoms too that I just don’t realise to be connected with my cycle.

Ever since I’ve had my periods, I’ve used pads. We never had any other products at home, and I never really had the need to try anything else. That doesn’t mean that I would have been particularly happy with pads. There simply doesn’t seem to be a pad long enough for me to avoid misleaking. I can use the longest possible night pad and still there is some leaking over the front or the back of the pad (and on he pad there might be just few drops of blood).

Because of this problem with pads, I’ve wanted to try some internal products instead. I’m not that interested in tampons, but menstrual cups sound something I’m interested in trying. I have heard and read so many positive experiences about them, that I wanted to try them too. There is just one problem: the thought of putting something (period products, fingers, penises…) inside me, terrifies me. I had also read from somewhere that menstrual cups wouldn’t be suitable for virgins, but apparently that’s just a myth.

A bit over a month ago, I was shopping when I walked past a store I knew sold menstrual cups. Suddenly I desided to walk in and buy myself one, and so I did. I hadn’t done much research about them, and I ended up buying Lunette cup (it was the only brand in the store) size 2. I chose it, because on the package, it said that size 2 is for heavy flow, and my flow is quite heavy in the beginning.

Quite soon after buying the cup, I had a chance of trying it when my periods started. I had tried to practise putting it in the day before, but I didn’t get it in at all. When my periods started, I tried again to put it in, and that time I was able to put it in me a bit, but didn’t get it in all the way, not even close. It went in a bit and then it just stopped. After about half an hour of trying I had to give up, and didn’t have the chance to try it again during my period. I hadn’t realised that using menstrual cups would require so much practising! I also thought that mabe the size 2 was too big for me, so later I bought also the size 1, but haven’t had time to test it yet.

Thank you for reading! If you had any tips on inserting a menstrual cup, I’d love to hear them!


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