An explanation

Last Saturday I wrote and posted quite a long story here. In that story I told about some emails my colleague sent me (not work-related) and tried to reflect why I reacted to those the way I reacted. But a few hours after posting it, I started to regret writing about that, and ended up deleting that post. Nobody saw that post, but I wanted to explain anyway, why I felt the need to take it down.

As I said, the emails I got from my colleague weren’t work-related, because if they  had been, I would have never wrtitten about them. But I think they were still meant to be kept private, and the sender wouldn’t appreciate me telling the whole Internet about them. Even though I don’t think anyone elsecould recognise the sender, I was afraid that if they happened to find my post, it would hurt their feelings. And besides, you never know what things go viral on the Internet, and people seem to always have the opinion about who’s “the bad guy”, and I didn’t wan’t people blaming my colleague for what they did.

I want to make it clear that I don’t think my colleague did anything wrong, even though I wasn’t very happy about the emails.The purpose for my blogpsot was to reflect on my reaction to the emails and try to find out why I reacted to them the way I reacted. But maybe I can do that in private instead.


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