About selfcare and time management

A post about self care, money and hobbies.


In this post I promised that I would write more about my bullet journal. I have realised though, that there is actually only one spread I’d like to write about. My bullet journal consists mainly of  monthly and weekly spreads, which are basic content of every bullet journal, and some spreads for plans I don’t want to share. So, this post is going to be about one spread I call ” Thoughts about time management in 2017″. It’s basically divided in two gategories.

The first gategory is about life management and well-being, because I’ve realised that especially lately I’ve been quite rubbish at taking care of myself. For example, I’ve been eating poorly since December. And by that, I mean that I’m barely eating anything at all. At work I have lunch, but when I come home, I mainly consume tea and, if I crave something sweet, hot chocolate. I just don’t feel hungry, and sometimes I feel sick so I think that I can’t eat anything now, because it would just make everything worse, even though I suspect that it would actually help.

I think that the reason why I’m not taking proper care of myself, is that I think if it just affects me, it doesn’t matter. For example, my morning routine contains two things I never skip: taking a shower and brushing my teeth. I brush my teeth because I really don’t want to go to the dentist’s, and I have to take a shower because it would be gross for my colleagues if I would be all sweaty and smelly at work. But skipping skin care? Bad skin might make me somewhat uglier, but it’s not like good skin would make me pretty enough for some one (or a special some one) to notice me, so it doesn’t really matter.

So one part of what I would like to use time on, is learning to take care of myself. No more skipping skin care, and I’d like to learn to do my make up and hair properly. I also have a monthly goals which I use to learn new better habits. January’s goal was to get at least 8 hours of sleep every night, and this month’s goal is to drink at least one liter of water every day. I know I should drink two liters of water daily, but even my current goal would be a huge improment from how much (or little) I used to drink. I try to keep my goals clear and concrete so that I can easily determine if I’ve reached them or not. I also try to come up steps to achieve my goals and write them down too. And it’s not like at the end of the month I just drop the goal and pick up another. No, my aim is to keep going with the previous goals too, so that they become habits.

Another thing I’d like to improve myself, is more about life management, and it’s about gaining more confidence with money. When I was studying I always felt that I didn’t have enough money and that I shoul be saving more. Especially when I made some more expensive purchases, I felt like I should be saving money instead. I didn’t really regret buying the things, but I regreted spending the money and not saving it, if that makes sense. I always thought: “Think how much more you could have put in your savings account, if you hadn’t bought that.”

Now that I’m able to save monthly, I don’t feel like I should constantly be saving more money, but I still feel that I can’t afford anything extra. For example, my friend resently  invited me to visit her in London. I haven’t seen her in ages and I’d lve to travel to London some day anyway, so of course I said yes. But when I was buying the plane tickets, I was really angry about that, because the tickets seemed really expensive and I felt that I couldn’t afford them, but I couldn’t cancel the trip either. In the end, I realised that I actually could afford the tickets, which is exactly why I want to  become better with money. I want to be able to use money on things I want and on doing things I want to do, without feeling guilty and like can’t afford them, if in reality I can afford them.

The second part of my “Thoughts about time management in 2017” is about what I want to do in my free time. Dance has always been a huge part of my life, and it continues to be so in 2017. TV, movies and books are also something I want to spend time on. I have been especially bad at reading books in the past years. I have still been reading a lot, but this year I would like to shift my focus from fanfiction back to real books. I’m also going to make more of an effort to go and see the movies I want to see rather than letting them go by.

Arts and crafts and social media are also on my list of things I want to spend time on. I like to do birthday and Christmas cards for my friends and relatives myself, and this year I’d like to expand my crafty hobbies and start for example an art journal. I want also to post more on all my social media accounts and have a kind of plan for what I use them for. For example my Instagram is for posting pictures of birthday cards and other cards I make.

Thank you for reading!

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