I can’t write

A short rant about how I can’t write clearly.


This might be a short post. I don’t have much time, but I really wanted to post something today. Also, I’m tired, and frustrated by my inability to write, and I need to vent.

I would like to be able to write clearly and coherently. I have so many thoughts I would like to write down, stories to tell and I would like to be able to make clear and tidy notes and plans in my bullet journal. Often I send time before I fall asleep or when I’m sitting in a buss planning the perfect way to write something so that it gets the message across clearly and efficiently.

But what happens when I actually sit down to write something? All my great plans vanish from my brain, and what I actually end up writing resembles a word vomit. My sentences are too long and incoherent, and more often than not I realise later that I forgot to write almost half of the things I was meant to write. I still do get my message across (most of the time), but I*m not happy with my text.

I realise that if I just keep writing, I’ll probably get better in it. You know: “Practise makes perfect” and all that… Also, my blogposts could probably benefit from some editing before posting. Usually I just try to write what’s in my head, proof read it a couple of times to correct the most obvious typos and then post it. If I could (aka had the time), I probably should plan the structure of the post before I start writing and maybe let the first draft sit over night and post it the day after, after having read and edited it at least once more.

One reason, why I’m rarely satisfied with my writing, can also be that I’m overly critical of everything I do. But I honestly don’t think that that is the only reason, or even the biggest reason, for why I feel like my writing is bad most of the time.

And ironically, I actually feel that this text turned out quite good…

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